makes it easy for Travelers to find packages to deliver, earning some cash in the process. No middle-men or -companies involved - just you the sender, and the traveler. Negotiate the package delivery cost on your own terms.

See How Works is a platform for travelers to find packages to deliver.

Find a list of travelers headed to Ghana soon on the "Travelers" page. Get in touch with Traveler to discuss the possibility of having your package delivered.

Enlist your travel if you plan to visit Ghana soon, or browse through the "Package list". If you find a package your luggage requirements will allow you to carry, contact the package owner, and begin discussions.

At, the platform is primarily to help travelers find packages to deliver, or people find travelers coming to Ghana and suggest a package delivery. How much, as a traveler, you wish to charge per 1 pound or 1 kilogram package delivery is on you.

How much you wish to pay for a delivery of your item might vary, thus, has no say. Engage in discussions with the traveler and find a common ground.

Yes, you can. Remember to keep in mind the 'Stay Safe' recommendations from, such as only exchanging money in person, and meeting to collect the package at open and or public areas.

See 'Stay Safe' in our Help section to learn more.

Make the payment to a traveler in person in cash, when you physically receive your package and come to the conclusion it is what you requested for.

PackageToMe discourages the use of electronic payment means, as there is not guarantee traveler will deliver the requested package after payment. provides an added advantage for both travelers and individuals requesting for a package delivery. Since there are no middle-men or -company, as an individual, you pay relatively less per package delivery, however, travelers making the most per package.

For example, a delivery of an SSD package which weighs 0.5 kg can be as much as 20$, however significantly lower in comparison to current Peer-to-Peer delivery services where there middle-men or -companies

Yes, as long as the different packages can fit in your luggage, and you can deliver to all Requesters. runs on funds generated from ads on the site.

Scenario 1: If the buyer changes his/her mind and communicates this change to you before your travel, you could arrange to return the item/product to shop for a refund. Otherwise, consider scenario 2 below.

Scenario 2: If the buyer changes his/her mind and fails to communicate this change to you, as well as fail to avail him/herself to receive the requested product, kindly consider these two options:

  • Platforms such as Tonaton in Ghana, allow for selling of products. Similar online platforms may exist in your country of destination. You may recoup the cost of the product via such a platform. If that isn't an option for you, please consider step 2.
  • Kindly get in touch with PackageToMe at or call at +233 269 201 707 (when in Ghana), and we'll be happy to absorb the cost of the product and we would resell the product ourselves if need be.