PackageToMe Works 'Automagically'

In 3 steps, get your packages delivered to you at lower prices, by trusted people in a short time.

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Add or Browse Requests

As a traveler: Browse the requested items or product list. Many items or products are enlisted (or will be enlisted) regularly that people want delivered. You shall find at least a thing or two you can deliver during your upcoming trip.

Interested in fulfilling a request? Then get in touch with the requestor.

As a requestor: Many travelers check to see what they can deliver on their way to Ghana. Add your request to the list, and a traveler will get in touch as soon as possible.

Discuss Delivery

As a traveler: Engage in a conversation with requestor to discuss delivery cost, date of delivery and place of meet upon arrival in Ghana.

You should be ready to buy requested item yourself, and come for the money from the requestor in person upon arrival in Ghana and exchange of item.

As a requestor: Be ready to pay the already discussed delivery charge plus the cost of the requested product in full when traveler arrives.

Do not request for an item or product if and or when you do not have the funds to pay for the item in full.

Request Fulfilment

Meet traveler and claim your package at an agreed location, such as at the airport or a coffee shop. Everybody wins!

As a Traveler, earn extra cash on your way home by picking up packages and delivering to people along your travel.

No middle-men or -company

Just meet travelers or people with packages that want delivered. Set delivery price and time of delivery on your own terms. Discuss and make payments safely. Everybody wins!

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